Retro Tour Bordeaux

Side-car ride in the Bordeaux vineyards (Le Libournais)

12 Cours du 30 Juillet 33000 Bordeaux

~04h 00m

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[The number of people when booking corresponds to the number of sidecars. A sidecar can accommodate 1 to 2 people]

Let yourself be surrounded by vineyards and castles.


The Gentlemen Siders will stop in different areas for you to discover and taste great wines of Bordeaux.


After a few time explanations and instructions, you will have a moment for pictures of course !


And off to a side-car adventure for 4 hours !


You drive a bit in Bordeaux but very quickly leave the city to get in the middle of nature and there you will take small paths to find yourself in the middle of the vineyards. You make a first stop for a visit / tasting.


Then you will go on the road again to visit Saint-Emilion.


Finally, you will take the road back to Bordeaux.


Further informations


Children non-allowed

The minimum age is 18 years

Spoken Languages : French & English

This activity requires pleasant weather conditions. If it is canceled due to bad weather; we will offer you another date or full refund.


Refund terms and conditions :

Cancellation 48 hours

If you cancel at least 48 hours before the actual day of the activity : GoTourism will refund the full amount of your order. Beyond this period, the activity will not be refunded. Any cancellation from GoTourism, except in cases of force majeure, will be fully refunded.

339 €

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